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I am A.Daniel Parke

I am an expert professional providing service that you might require for your business to flourish. I can make your brand stand out in the competition. This will give you the best customer’s approach to selling your product or services well.

Do take a look at what I can do for you.

About Me

Designing With Passion

You know that if you want something in life, it doesn’t come for free. Yes, they say “There is no free lunch”. One needs perseverance, hard work, due diligence, and some of the greed too, yes that’s right. Well, it’s good for you as this positive greed of success takes you there to achieve the goals in life.
So is my story. I have been through several industries providing my insights to them and making them grow. With plenty of projects done for them, they have got many happy users and I have too received awards and appreciation too.


You ask for anything, from a website, an e-commerce portal, or say a mobile app that enables you to call a cab driver or deliver the pizza. All these things I do and do it with passion. These are some of the services that I provide based on the requirements of various clients spread across the globe.

This is not only restricted to websites or apps, but you get SEO services as well. Because, you will require some promotions to be done or else, your business will not fetch that large audience.


You can opt for my services based on the requirements and I will be fully engaged to provide you with the best. As you would like to know about the positiveness of working with me, here are some of the tips I recommend for you:

• I will not deliver the project that is not fully tested for bugs and errors
• I personally engulf myself into all the projects so that there is a personal touch for one and all. This way you will get the best.
• I can even provide you with fresh ideas that can be unique to your project and make a marvel for your business or brand to grow.
• Rest, I always adhere to the requirements and follow what the client says.

Finally, connect with me for a complete package and I will work to deliver as required. The project will be delivered keeping in mind the timeline. Do get in touch with me and discuss more of your interesting things to work on.

Our Services

The services vary from client to client across the globe. You may need better designs; the other client expects his products to sell via an online store. Others are busy focusing on their branding strategies and how to promote it to tap the potential market. Do have a look at the services in a nutshell that I provide.


You are selling a product or service and that forms the core of your business. However, you need a better platform to cater to the needs of customers who are in a remote location. Why not give them a portal where they can easily order online. This way you will get more orders and more customers to get onboard. E-commerce is trending, by the way, these days, so make the best use of it.


This is a service that I provide keeping in mind the customization of what you need. Your requirements are properly fetched and then worked on to develop the best solution, the way you want it to be. This includes the latest open source technologies along with stable and secure frameworks which will give you a robust platform.


This is a high-end service which caters to the requirements of building a robust mobile app for iOS or Android platforms. Maybe you are an Android user or an iPhone, I cover the apps for both the OS. Mobile apps are trending these days and is the most commonly used thing on the planet. You can order food or hire a taxi and even more with the apps just on your fingertips


This service includes everything that is creative in nature. I make use of the ideas that you have discussed with me and put them to work in a visual manner. The more the visual approach is, the more the customers will get attracted to your service.


Once the website is developed or I have used a WordPress platform or Shopify for your requirements. What’s next? Yes, then comes the promotion of your website. For this, the best I can provide is SEO of the same. This will give your website a boost of traffic and ranking in Google SERPs.


I talked about SEO, but that’s an organic way to make the website reach the topmost position in Google searches. Whereas there are better-paid tools to get you with a fast-paced marketing and brand growth. This includes PPC, Local SEO, Email marketing as well as Social media marketing.

My Work

This section provides insight and expertise in different technologies that I have worked on. You will surely get an idea by going through these of what exactly I provide to the clients. Take your time and browse through the different projects I have to share.

How It Works

Either you have requirements to build a website or develop a mobile app, I take into consideration the workflow or the process. In short, it is just a series of steps from the initial discussion to the final deployment or delivery of the product.

Analyze the requirements

As I meet you online, I will take into consideration all the points that you require for a website, mobile app, or an online store. I will review all the points and provide you with the timeline and budget.

Demo work or mockups

Based on the discussion we did; I will start with the initial mockup designs or demo of the product. Then I will discuss again with you if the things are in line with the requirements and if any changes are there, they will be met with.

Implement the changes

So, here I am ready with all the material, the demo work as well as the changes discussed. I will start to code or develop the website, customize the changes, add designs, and much more.

All done, it’s time to refine

It’s almost done and here the final touches are made before final delivery or deployment of the product. I will show you the same to show that the product is almost done with the final changes to commit.

Launch the product

In the last step, you reviewed all the things, and taking into account the same, I will make the website live or deploy the mobile app onto the respective App Store. So, this is the final step which launches your product.

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